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Record number of Jr. Highers audition for Cinderella
Cinderella Cast List
Cinderella - Celeste Ulloa
Thelma, Stepsister - Libby Tarrell
Gertrude, Stepsister - Amber Baggiore
Frieda, Stepmother - Cassie  Moore
Prince Philip - David Cotrell
Lord Pettigrew Peabody, the Baron of Pickford - Philip Amerine
Cassandra, the Fairy Godmother - Samantha Prophet
Fellowe - Gloria Farina
King Ferdinando - Talon Somdahl
Queen Isabellina - Kaylinn Crowl
Count Pythagoras Von Euclid, Earl of Paradox - Levi Calvert
Harold the Herald - Giuseppe Dahoney
Duchess of Dullsomore - Kaylee Ledsome

Lily - Heather Turner
Marigold - Jennifer Turner
Daisy - Ariel Avilez
Veronica - Hannah Sunderland
Iris - Shawni Kurth
Jasmine - Destiny Cumbie
Morning Glory - Felicity Overbay

Gentlemen of the Court
Cousin Cuthbert - Brydon Johnson
Cousin Delbert - Patrick Wagner
Cousin Elbert -Greyson Lamothe
Dancing Duncan - Paul Dore
Merry Malcolm - Jacob Bocskay
Dapper Dan - Skyler Morgan
Dancing Gentlemen - David Radtke, James Smith

Neighbors and Friends
Zelda Zingerfinkle - Danielle Pauletich
Zenobia Zingerfinkle - Ashlyn Tupper
Mynona Mynette - Katrina Sheets
Molly Mynette - Jasmine Ross
Tammye Mynette - Taylor Dutro
Amber-Topaz Glitzenshoppen - Sierra Wahl
Tiffany-Crystal Glitzenshoppen - London Congdon
Ruby-Pearl Glitzenshoppen - Valerie Bullock
Wanda Shondalafondaanaconda - Isabella Sprague
Rhonda Shondalafondaanaconda - Shelby Froke
Yolanda Shondalafondaanaconda - Jennifer Long
March 7th-8th
Prep Theatre
7 pm
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A record number of 85 Prep Jr. High students auditioned for the upcoming presentation of Cinderella.  "I want to thank
all of the students who came to auditions," said North Pointe Jr. High Theatre Director Kay Gray.  "You made my
decision very difficult. You all have very special talents, and I am grateful that you are at North Pointe to share them
with me, the other students, and audiences for years to come! I know this show will set a precedent for the future, and
I can’t wait! What an exciting time to be a part of our Theatre program here at the Prep."

Rehearsals begin Monday, February 11th, at 4pm, with a Parent meeting following at 5:30pm.
Click for Rehearsal Schedule