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1415 Morning Show Guest Interview First Semester

2014 - 2015 First SEMESTER

Second Semester

First Semester

Watch Previous Years

New Website Preview 12.17.14

Fall Arts Festival Preview 12.15.14

A Bootyfull Christmas - The Pirate's Tavern 12.14.14

Robotics Win 12.16.14


A Bootyfull Christmas - The Crow's Nest 12.13.14

A Bootyfull Christmas - Crew 12.12.14

A Bootyfull Christmas - Norrington's Crew 12.11.14

A Bootyfull Christmas - The Pirates 12.10.14

A Bootyfull Christmas - The Leads 12.9.14

A Bootyfull Christmas - The Sword Fighters 12.8.14

Game Day Preview 12.5.14

For the second year in a row, it rained during a morning show promoting the upcoming Christmas spectacular. Once again, Jenny took one for the team and endured the elements. Last year's:

Prep Cares Holiday Sharing 12.3.14

Varsity Soccer 12.2.14

This Week at the Prep 12.1.14

A Bootyfull Christmas 11.21.14

Preview of North Pointe's Reality Showcase Best Talent Competition 11.20.14

Preview of North Pointe's Reality Showcase Best Voice Competition 11.19.14

Preview of North Pointe's Reality Showcase Best Dance Competition 11.18.14

Reality Showcase Preview 11.17.14

Competition Cheer & Pom 11.14.14

Speech & Debate 11.13.14

Varsity Cross Country State Tournament Highlights 11.12.14

A Bootyfull Christmas Preview 11.10.14

Varsity Cross Country State Preview 11.7.14

Speech & Debate 11.6.14

Alice in Wonderland Preview 11.5.14

Dustin & Saide Competition Percussion 11.4.14

Athletic Tryouts 11.3.14

Football Friday Night Game Day Challenge 10.31.14

Varsity Cross Country Sectionals Preview 10.30.14

Varsity Volleyball 10.29.14

Pink Out! Preview 10.28.14

AIMS Testing Week 10.27.14

Fitness Frenzy Info 10.24.14

Reality Showcase Audition Winners 10.23.14

Speech & Debate 10.22.14

Prep Cares Care-A-Thon Pledge Form 10.21.14

HS Competition Percussion Info 10.20.14

Speech & Debate Red Mountain Tournament Preview 10.17.14

Fitness Frenzy Info 10.16.14

seriously! Testing Day Preview 10.15.14

seriously! Testing Day Info 10.14.14

Starbucks at the Prep 10.13.14

Football Friday Night Game Day Challenge 10.3.14

Tutoring 10.2.14

Football Friday Night Halftime Preview 10.1.14

Prep Cares Care-A-Thon Info 9.30.14

Old School Games Photos & Videos 9.29.14

Old School Games Day Five Preview 9.26.14

Old School Games Day Four 9.25.14

Old School Games Day Three 9.24.14

Old School Games Day Two Preview 9.23.14

Old School Games Day One Preview 9.22.14

Falcon A Shirts 9.19.14

The Crew from Sherlock Holmes 9.18.14

The Leads from Sherlock Holmes 9.17.14

The Bad Guys from Sherlock Holmes 9.16.14

The Good Guys from Sherlock Holmes 9.15.14

Football Friday Night Game Day Challenge 9.12.14

Varsity Cross Country 9.11.14

LINKED: IMAGES Preview 9.10.14

Prep Cares Brain Bee Info 9.8.14

Football Friday Night 9.5.14

Varsity, JV and Freshmen Volleyball 9.4.14

Varsity Cross Country 9.3.14

Prep Cares Blood Drive 9.2.14

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge at Pinnacle 8.29.14

LINKED Preview 8.27.14

Senior Picture Camp Highlights 8.26.14

ALS Info 8.25.14

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 8.22.14

Senior Picture and ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 8.21.14

Bloody BBQ 8.20.14

Speech & Debate 8.19.14

Robotics Preview 8.18.14

Back to School Bash 8.15.14

Dress Code 8.14.14

Blood Drive Info 8.13.14

Back to School Bash 8.12.14

Prep Cafe 8.11.14

Competition Cheer, Competition Pom, and Football Dance Crew Tryouts 8.8.14

Cross Country Tryouts 8.7.14

Volleyball Tryouts 8.6.14

Sherlock Holmes Auditions 8.5.14

Football Tryouts 8.4.15

Welcome Back 8.1.14