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1516 Old School Games

Old School Games

2015 - 2016

Everyone's favorite recess games were featured during the lunchtime Old School Games extravaganza which included crazy outfit contests as well as class challenges and competitions. High Schoolers also participated in the traditional homecoming festivities of the Powder Puff Tournament and the nominating of the Homecoming Court. The Homecoming King and Queen were crowned at the Homecoming Dance.


Day Five 2:22 Show
Seniors win OSSW Overall Championship
Tour de Prep Competition
Guest Interview with Homecoming Court
Talking About 9.18.15
Day Five Photo Gallery


Day Four 2:22 Show
Day Four Highlights
Day Four In the Stands
Day Four Dodge Ball Competition
Day Four Blanket Race Challenge
Day Four 80's Outfit Contest
Talking About 9.17.15
Day Four Photo Gallery

JH OSSW Day Four Highlights


OSSW Powder Puff Seniors Celebration
Powder Puff Championship Game
Powder Puff Senior Cheerleaders
Powder Puff Games 1-3
Powder Puff Tournament Photo Gallery


Day Three 2:22 Show
Day Three Highlights
Day Three In the Stands
Day Three Tug-A-War Remix Competition
Day Three Falcon Kart Challenge
Day Three 70's Outfit Contest
Guest Interview with Day Three Outfit Contestants
Talking About 9.16.15
Day Three Photo Gallery

JH OSSW Day Three Highlights


Day Two 2:22 Show
Day Two Highlights
Day Two In the Stands
Day Two Flag Tag Competition
Day Two Hungry Hippo Challenge
Day Two 60's Outfit Contest
Guest Interview with Day Two Outfit Contestants
Talking About 9.15.15
Day Two Photo Gallery

JH OSSW Day Two Highlights
JH OSSW Dance Highlights


Day One 2:22 Show
Day One Highlights
Day One In the Stands
Day One Kick Ball Competition
Day One Tricycle Taxi Challenge
Day One 50's Outfit Contest
Guest Interview with Day One Outfit Contestants
Talking About 9.14.15
Day One Photo Gallery

JH OSSW Day One Highlights


Guest Interview with Class Banner Creators
Guest Interview with Guru Dykstra
Old School Games Festivities