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1718 802 Live preptv Favorites

preptv favorite moments


preptv's Alexis Limon talks about National Hispanic Heritage Month with world famous artist Roman Reyes.
preptv's Belen Markus joins the Varsity Cross Country team for a run but ends up passing out.
preptv's Alexis Limon and Belen Markus host a special Remembering 9/11 8:02 LIVE show.
preptv's Belen Markus glitters Coach Harrison's beard while discussing this year's Cross Country team.
preptv's Belen Markus hosts the JH Fall Athletic team coaches Catch It In Your Pants game.
preptv's Alexis Limon offers DBacks gear to Dodger's fans in this week's In Your Face.
preptv's Belen Markus interviews Ms. Dykstra from Chandler Regional Medical Center on the birth of her baby.
The hosts of preptv's 8:02 LIVE show, Alexis and Belen face off during halftime to see whose the better football player.
Varsity Football Seniors cruise with preptv's Alexis Limon for this week's Falcon Jam.
preptv's Alexis Limon covers President Trump's Rally in downtown Phoenix.
preptv's Belen Markus interviews Mr .Ellis about Friday School and performs a Studio Cinema.
preptv's Belen Markus continues day four of meet the faculty week with a Studio Cinema performed by the Social Studies Department.
preptv's Alexis Limon talks about Varsity Football.
The three former hosts of preptv's 8:02 Live show welcome this year's host, Belen Markus. Belen graduated last year and was heavily involved in North Pointe's Theatre program and received the Imprint Award for Arts. In addition to her acting, Belen directed last Spring's, The Addams Family.