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Academic Information


North Pointe believes that a motivated student who wants to be here will learn.  The Prep exists to assist parents in developing students who demonstrate scholastic and behavioral excellence and make a positive impact in their community. Students are provided the opportunity to gain foundational knowledge, grow in character and develop leadership skills. North Pointe is passionate about creating and sustaining environments where students are valued, trusted and encouraged to take risks and achieve their dreams.

Core Values

North Pointe is committed to four core Academic values:
1. Hire teachers who want to spend their day with teenagers, who own the responsibility to motivate each student and who can cause learning.
2. Provide safe and disruptive free classroom environments.
3. Engage students by encouraging them to express their classroom learning experiences.
4. Assign homework for the purpose of retention and preparation.

National Recognition

For the sixth year in a row, US News & World Report has ranked North Pointe as one of the Best High Schools in America. The 2017 rankings have North Pointe moving up to #2 among all public district and charter High Schools in Phoenix after being #3 last year. North Pointe also advanced in State rankings from #21 last year to #15 this year (half of the top 14 schools in the State are based in Tucson or Northern Arizona).
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College & career readiness

North Pointe has one of the highest graduation rates in the state among all public high schools. Although approximately 65% of district school graduates attend college, 88% of North Pointe's Class of 2015 indicated they were attending college/trade school or joining the military after graduation. Parents often assign value to a school regarding which college or university their graduates attend, but family priorities and financial considerations usually determine the institution a graduate will choose. Considering only approximately 50% of state university undergrad students earn a degree, North Pointe focuses on preparing graduates for success after high school and not on whether a graduate chooses a community college, university, trade school, or the military.

Class of 2015 earns Over $2.9 Million In Scholarships

The Class of 2015 shattered previous scholarships earnings by one million dollars earning over $2.9 million in scholarships. The $24,576 per Prep Senior average dwarfs the scholarship earnings of district school seniors where the average ranges from $3,500 to $6,000 per student. The previous high of $1.9 million was recorded by the Class of 2013. The Classes of 2014 and 2011 were awarded $1.8 million while the Class of 2012 received $1.5 million.

Student Grades - Online Academic Resource

Students who pay a one-time technology fee receive access to North Pointe's online academic resource where students and parents can monitor in real time a student's academic progress.
Click here for online academic resource sign in page.


Denise Johnson - 7th Grade English
Barbara Aufderheide - 8th Grade English
Ashlyn Tupper - Freshmen Lit Comp I
Stacie Erickson - Sophomore Lit Comp II
LeAnn Richards - Junior Lit Comp III
Jeremy Stephenson - Senior Lit Comp IV


Amanda Leuty - 7th Grade Math
Alana Wolfer - 8th Grade Math
Leslie Curfew - Freshmen Algebra I
Savon Heung - Sophomore Geometry
Mary Dykstra - Junior Algebra II
Senior Pre-Calculus, Statistics, Calculus AB


7th Grade Life Science
Amy Krahn - 8th Grade Earth Science
Alexis Varner - Freshmen Biology
Josh Harrison - Sophomore Anatomy/Physiology
Nicole Gomez -  Junior/Senior Physics, Anatomy/Physiology


Ryan Lalonde - 7th Grade American/Arizona History
Jordan Scott - 8th Grade American/Arizona Government
John Kontak - Freshmen Geography
Patrick Kelly-Hernandez - Sophomore World History
Kevin Smith - Junior US History
Nikki Barnes - Senior US Government/Politics


Danny Norris  - Fitness & Weightlifting
Cara Dabkowski - Dance
Katie Gardea - Theatre
Zack Saldo-Steensen - Band, Percussion
Justin Leon - Choir, Piano/Guitar
Kim See, Traditional Art
Reyann Vialpando - Freshmen Spanish I
Carolina Correa - Sophomore-Senior Spanish II, Spanish III, Spanish IV


Nicole Goslin - Individualized Education Instructor


Jr. High Promotion Requirements

Jr. Highers must earn at least six credits in order to be promoted to the next grade.

Each class is worth half a credit (.5) per semester.

7th Grade

Literature and Composition 7
Math 7
Life Science
American/Arizona History

8th Grade

Literature and Composition 8
Math 8
Earth Science
American/Arizona Government