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Arizona Tax Credit


Arizona tax law allowed you to reduce the amount of money you owe or increase your refund for your Arizona State Income Tax by making a contribution to North Pointe's extracurricular activities and claiming the extracurricular tax credit. Your generous contributions help students participate in enriching extracurricular activities. Tax credit donations help with after-school academic, athletic and arts programs.

What is a Tax Credit?

A tax credit is a dollar for dollar reduction in the actual tax owed. Qualifying contributions (up to $200 for individuals and up to $400 for married couples filing jointly) can be claimed on personal Arizona income taxes to reduce the amount owned or increase the refund. Fees paid directly to North Pointe qualify for the tax credit according to Arizona tax law (ARS 43-1089.01).

Tax Credit, tax donation...what is the difference?

A tax deduction allows you to subtract the amount of a contribution from the amount of your taxable income. A tax credit allows you to subtract the qualifying contribution from the money owed for State taxes. When you send your contribution to Pointe Schools before Dec. 31st, your State tax liability is reduced by the amount you send. In other words, you get your money back dollar-for-dollar in the form of a tax reduction which reduces the amount you owe or increases your refund.

What will the money be used for?

Every Arizona Educational Tax Credit dollar contributed to North Pointe will be used for the Prep's extracurricular academic, athletic and the arts programs:

Eligible Extracurricular Programs


Individual Participation Fees*
National Junior Honor Society
National Honor Society


Individual Participation Fees**
Baseball, Basketball, Cheer, Cross Country, Dance, Football, Golf, Pom, Soccer, Softball, Track & Field, Volleyball


Individual Participation Fees*
Band and Percussion
Color Guard
Falcon Players' Productions
Speech & Debate


Individual Participation Fees*
The Station
Student Government (STUGO)
Disneyland Arts Workshop Trip

* $50.00 per student maximum per department
** $100.00 per student maximum for sports excluding football or $150.00 per student maximum for all sports including football

Submit Your Donation by December 31st

MAIL the form along with your check or money order to the Pointe Schools District Office. Note: Donations must be postmarked by December 31st.
10215 N 43rd Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85051
SEND the form and a check or money with your submit to school and have him/her drop is off in the 4A Center. Pointe Schools will mail you a receipt as proof of your donation.


North Pointe 2018 Extracurricular Tax Credit Contribution Form
Pointe Schools 2018 Extracurricular Tax Credit Contribution Form