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the Chocolate Factory
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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Cast and Crew

Directed by Kay Gray

Cast and Crew
Narrators - Cassie Moore, Isabella Gustin, Emilly Katz,
Sarah Mendelsohn, Jourdan Shiffer        
Charlie Bucket - Chrycia Legendre
Willie Wonka - Zach Calderone
Augustus Gloop - Zamar Massey
Veruca Salt - Raige Eaton
Violet Beauregarde - Cristy Villalobos
Mike Teavee - Tommee Gleason
Grandpa Joe - Ruben Arangure
Grandpa George - Levi Calvert
Grandma Josephine - Karen Padilla
Grandma Georgina - Ashlyn Tupper
Mr. Bucket - Ariel McConnell
Mrs. Bucket - Hannah Sunderland
Mr. Salt - Skyler Hugo
Mrs. Salt - Rachel Dessenberger
Mr. Gloop - Zach Hugo
Mrs. Gloop - Emily Barber
Mr. Teavee - Michael Nanneman
Mrs. Teavee - Madeline Ramirez
Mrs. Beauregarde - Jennifer Turner
Oompah-Loompahs - Samantha Jones, Maggie Lord, Natalya Dellinger,
Cole Smith, Desire Gamblin, Amanda Gillespie, London Congdon

Stage Managers - Jacob Bocskay, Chris Hief, Kaylinn Crowl
Assistant Stage Managers - Jonathon Kobyluck, Sharmarie Street
Crew - Melissa Moreno, Shawni Kurth, Rebecca Allen, Emily Schultz, Benjamin Brubaker
Costume and Hair - Katrina Sheets, Celeste Ulloa, Dominique Brown
The Prep Theatre was filled with enthusiastic audiences for
High School Falcon Player's presentation of the popular
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Zach
Calderone was impressive as the quirky Willie Wonka as he
enticed the audience to join him in the “pure imagination” of
the night! Chrycia Legengre’s female Charlie was a
delightful change from the usual casting. “Charlie is usually
a boy, but when Chrycia auditioned, she was the obvious
choice,” said Mrs. Gray, the play's Director. “Chrycia just
nailed the honest, sweet character that Charlie needed to
be, and the audience was entranced by her!” The
OompahLoompah’s lent a little reality to the performance
with Roald Dahl’s original poetry. It was reminiscent of the
old fairy tales, telling the moral in a way that grabs the
audience’s attention. “The entire cast did a fantastic job! I
am so proud!” said Mrs. Gray.