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The athletic experience can be an essential part of a student's overall educational experience. Athletics plays a significant role in developing positive self esteem and a sense of well being. To this end, North Pointe is dedicated to developing morally sound athletes who strive for excellence in all that they do. As our teams compete to win, our coaches and athletes recognize that not every victory is reflected in the glow of the scoreboard. Through training, practice and competition, Falcons learn the values and habits of hard work, commitment, integrity and respect that are vital to success in life.

Core Values

North Pointe is committed to four core Athletic values:
1. Develop athletes who respect others and their sport.
2. Teach athletes skills that will develop their unique abilities and create confidence.
3. Provide athletes with facilities and equipment that will enable them to perform at the highest level.
4. Celebrate the success and achievements of each athlete.


North Pointe's Varsity athletic programs are designed to compete at a level where athletes have the opportunity to experience success while demonstrating team unity and respect for others and their sport. North Pointe's Freshmen and JV athletic programs are designed to transition athletes from individual development to team skills, competition and sportsmanship. North Pointe's Jr. High athletic programs are designed to be developmental.   Playing time is determined by the coach, not administration, athletes or parents.

Extracurricular Participation Policies

Students and parents agree to abide by the North Pointe''s Extracurricular Participation Policies which appear in the Student Handbook.

State Championships

For the second year in a row, North Pointe's Competition Pom team won the Arizona Interscholastic Association's Coed Division II State Championship. The Falcons also won the coveted Coed Division II Overall State Championship with strong performances by the Partner Stunt and Cheer teams.

Varsity Competition Cheer/Pom Division II Overall
Varisty Competition Pom Division II
Varisty Competition Pom Division II
Varsity Competition Cheer/Pom Division II Overall
Varsity Competition Cheer Partner Stunt Division II - Darian Caulkins and Nicole Moreno Partner
Varsity Competition Cheer 1A-3A
Varsity Competition Cheer Partner Stunt Division II - Darian Caulkins and Nicole Moreno Partner
Varsity Competition Cheer 1A-3A
Varsity Competition Cheer 1A-3A
Varsity Competition Cheer 1A-3A