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Class of 2008

Class of 2008

A record audience of over 1400 family members, friends and students attended North Pointe's Class of 2008 Graduation at the Glendale Renaissance Hotel. The Prep's sixth graduating class featured musical performances by the Concert and Premier Choirs and the Concert Band, speeches from graduates, images highlighting the year's events, awards recognizing student excellence and the presentation of diplomas. The event was hosted by Senior Betty Ortega. Seniors Rebekah Fine, Tony Orona and Ian Woodwick spoke about the Class of 2008 achievements in academics, athletics and the arts.


Academic Speech
Athletic Speech
Arts Speech
Graduation Interviews
Graduation Highlights
Presentation of Graduates

Graduation Photo Gallery


Elisabeth Alvarez
Priscilla Alvarez
Rebecca Arliskas
Tom Badger
Christopher Bernal
Adam Beshoner
Felicia Bravo
Joshua Clothier
Kyle Effertz
Heather Ellis
Kaisey Farnsworth
Rebekah Fine
Breanna Gaither
Itzel Garibay
Jesena Gazda
Kristina Gills
Tiffany Glaubitz
Ashleigh Gleason
Andrea Gray
Levi Guerrero
Juan Hernandez
Kimberly Hill

Jeffrey Hues
Daniel Ibarra
Natalie Jackson
Macie Jarrett
Nicole Johnson
Zacharaiah Klepper
Jamaal Knight
Brittany Laidlaw
Kristen Lewis
Mathew Lomas
Celina Martinez
Heidi Mcfarland
Alissa McNally
Jesus Mendez
Marissa Merry
Martin Minkov
Adrianna Mosher
Michael Murphy
Glenn Niner
Cecillia Olea
Tony Orona
Beatriz Ortega

Rochelle Otto
Taylor Pubins
Allison Risser
Musa Sayegh
Collin Schmitt
Claire Shortsleeve
Javin Jane Silao
Christopher Smith
Desiree Solomon
Justin Stephens
Zachariah Swift
Carissa Temporado
Jessica Turner
Gloria Valenzuela
Jay Walrod
Kenneth Walters
Mariah Washington
Kristen Whalen
Naadir Wilson
Ian Woodwick
Rebecca Zielinski


Class of 2008 List of Graduates

Aguado, Katelynn
Alvarez, Elisabeth
Alvarez, Priscilla
Arliskas, Rebecca
Badger, Tom
Bernal, Christopher
Beshoner, Adam
Bravo, Felicia
Camargo, Christopher
Clothier, Joshua
Cove, Daniel
Effertz, Kyle
Ellis, Heather
Farnsworth, Kaisey
Fine, Rebekah
Gaither, Breanna
Garibay, Itzel
Gazda, Jensena
Gills, Kristina
Glaubitz, Tiffany
Gleason, Ashleigh
Gray, Andrea
Guerrero, Levi
Hernandez, Juan

Hill, Kimberly
Hues, Jeffrey
Ibarra, Daniel
Jackson, Natalie
Jarrett, Macie
Johnson, Nicole
Klepper, Zacharariah
Knight, Jamaal
Laidlaw, Brittany
Lewis, Kristen
Lomas, Mathew
Martinez, Celina
McFarland, Heidi
McNally, Alissa
Mendez, Jesus
Merry, Marissa
Minkov, Martin
Mosher, Adrianna
Murphy, Michael
Niner, Glenn
Olea, Cecilia
Orona, Tony
Ortega, Beatriz

Otto, Rochelle
Pubins, Taylor
Risser, Allison
Sayegh, Musa
Schmitt, Collin
Shortsleeve, Claire
Silao, Javin Jane
Smith, Christopher
Solomon, Desiree
Stephens, Justin
Swift, Zachariah
Temporado, Carissa
Turner, Jessica
Valenzuela, Gloria
Walrod, Jay
Walters, Kenneth
Washington, Mariah
Whalen, Kristen
Wilson, Naadir
Woodwick, Ian
Zielinski, Rebecca

Seniors began the year with the annual Senior Picture Day trip and ended the year with a trip to Maui.

Trips Photo Gallery