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Class of 2009

Class of 2009

A standing room only crowd of over 1900 honored the Class of 2009 as they received their diplomas at North Pointe's seventh graduation commencement. The celebration include a live preptv 45 minute 'show before the show' where the accomplishments of this year's Seniors were profiled. Senior Matt DeYoung hosted the event and speeches were presented by Jennifer Wester (academics), Tanya Maldonado (athletics) and Alexis Green and Samantha Bravo (arts).

Class of 2009 List of Graduates

Anderson, Caitlin
Arrighi, Alexander
Bailey, Jessica
Balderama, Amanda
Bales, Anthony
Barber, Bradley
Barker, Timothy
Bishop, William
Brathwaite, Joanna
Bravo, Samantha
Callahan, Marissa
Chavez, Diego
Chipman, Amanda
Cleaveland, Steven
Cruz, Jorge
Cui, Yiyun
Dahoney, Giovanni
Deely, Zachary
Deng, Jesse
Denham, Michael
Devine, Katherine
DeYoung, Matthew
Dillon, Cameron
Dougherty, Michael
Dyer, Martin
Edwards, Sarah
Endicott, Randi
Espejo, Maria
French, Elizabeth
Gage, Zachary

Gender, Aubrey
Goshow, James
Green, Alexis
Guguchev, Gabriela
Haralson, Johnathan
Hayes, Ashlee
Hendrix, Brea
Huston, Kevin
Hutson, Stephen
Johnson, Erik
Johnson, Parker
Jordan, Devon
Kading, Ashley
Kratz, Aaron
Lamothe, Pharaoh
Larsen, Samantha
Lawrence, Bray
Lewis, Nicholas
Lupe, Bret
Maggio, Dominick
Maldonado, Tanya
Malin, Luke
McGovern, Leann
Mendoza, Angel
Moran, Eric
Morgan, Brittany
Nielsen-Foshee, Brettoni
Nunez, Raymond
O'Brien, Bridget
O'Connor, David

Phoenix, Melissa
Pless, Cameron
Porter, Christina
Quiroz, Bryan
Ratliff, Karen
Ritchey, Heather
Roberts, Melissa
Samms, Sarah
San Martin, Jose
Shepherd, Michelle
Shoemaker, Quentin
Simmons, H. Peter
Skaggs, Eric
Smith, Matthew
Stallings, Greer
Steffen, Tammy
Stumpp, Jon
Tesch, Jonathan
Thomas, Jocelyn
Traslavina, Ramon
Tripodi, Matt
Turner, Sheri
Vega, Alexandra
Ward, Ryan
Webster, Jennifer
Wood, Samantha
Yoder, Emily
Zamorano, Deanna

Seniors began the year with the annual Senior Picture Day trip and ended the year with a trip to Maui.

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