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Class of 2011

Class of 2011

The Class of 2011's Finale, watched by over 2500 people at the Glendale Renaissance Hotel, was legendary and featured flashback highlights from all four years. Frankie Marchi, Katie Komos, Mallory Johnson, Lauren Rom and members of the Class of 2011 introduced each year's video and slide segment with flashback sketches revolving around Frankie's Snow Day head injury that caused short term memory loss. The sketches included and arts and athletic rap by Komos and Johnson that set up members of the Varsity Football team, in full gear, crushing Sophomore Chris Hief while he played chess with Marchi. Earlier in the year, Hief stated in a preptv morning show that plying chess was harder than playing football. 


Freshmen Year Flashback
Freshmen Year Highlights
Sophomore Year Flashback
Junior Year Flashback
Junior Year Highlights
Senior Year Flashback
Senior Year Highlights
Presentation of Graduates

Celebration Photo Gallery



Group 1             Group 9
Group 2            Group 10
Group 3            Group 11
Group 4            Group 12
Group 5            Group 13
Group 6            Group 14
Group 7            Group 15
Group 8                             

Diplomas Photo Gallery


Class of 2011 List of Graduates

Adams, Clara-Sage
Al-Deek, Amira
Alvarado, Hosanna
Arellano, Matthew
Barber, Anne
Beimers, Paul
Bennett, Tyler
Bernal, Ricardo
Bia, Damian
Blandin, Nancy
Brown, Jonathon
Burgmeier, Jonathan
Burkhart, Timothy
Bustoz, Zachary
Cain, Katherine
Cartagena, Faith
Chavez, Ashleigh
Ciulla, Vincent
Clafton, Angelica
Cleaveland, Benjamin
Daly, James
De Bruyn, Anton
Del Toro, Scarlet
Deng, Guanghuai
DeNorch, Sara
Devenport, Jasmine
Dougherty, Rylie
Ellis, Sarah
Farnsworth, Kamarie
Femyer, Brian
Flatt, McKenna
Franco, Jose
Frazier, Alicia
Gallagher, Craig
Galloway, Catherine
Gil, Gabriel
Gillespie, Chelsey

Golden, Danika
Goshow, Gabrielle
Greenwood, Shelby
Griswold, Ciara
Hagans, Tyler
Hall, Jennifer
Hamrick, Shea
Harris, Bryce
Henderson, Jessica
Hendrix, Halea
Hernandez, Alexis
Heyer, Danielle
Hortiales, Monica
Hues, William
Jackson, Anna-Victoria
Jajdelski, Brittani
James, Victoria
Johnson, Alyssa
Johnson, Mallory
Johnson, Michael
Johnston, Robbi
Kallas, Dakota
Kallas, Tanner
Kennedy, Caitlin L
Komos, Kathleen
Kozel, Michael
Kurth, Zachary
Lamothe, Guard
Little, Taylor
Lozano, Hayden
Mahoney, Sarah
Maldonado, Froilan
Maldonado, Giovani
Malin, Matthew
Marchi, Frankie
Martin, Dakota
Martin, Nathan

Martin, Richard
McCaleb, Justin
McDowell, Keely
McGovern, Erin
McKinney, Rhon
Murphy, Cassandra
Nelson, Sierra
Nuth, James
Ochoa, Andrew
Ochoa, Cristina
Pena-Rivas, Nathaniel
Pence, Dallas
Peterson, Corinne
Reichenberger, Damien
Rice, Nathan
Rieman, Jonathan
Rock, Rachel
Rom, Kiersten
Rom, Lauren
San Martin, Cristian
Sanders, Anthony
Sankovich, Julia
Schad, Destiny
Schlief, Brittany
Smith, Tristan
Sprau, Dakotah
Tippitt, Shyla M
Tjahjo, Pascal
Torres, Sharon
Ulman, Kaitlin
Vannan, Annika
Walter, Kalen
West, Joshua
Yaap, Amanda
Zamorano, Christina
Zich, Brandy
Zielinski, Marissa


Seniors kicked off the year in Sedona where they took the official class photo as well as spent some time at Slide Rock.

Senior Picture Day Video
Senior Picture Day Photo Gallery


Seniors traveled to the Los Angeles area for a boat ride to Catalina Island and rides at Knott's Berry Farm and Universal Studios.

Thirty8Forty Highlights Video
Thirty8Forty Photo Gallery


Seniors traveled to the San Diego area for swimming, kayaking, surfing and shopping at Pacific Beach and attractions at Sea World and the San Diego Zoo.

Club Prep Bon Fire Video
Club Prep Camp Fire Video
Club Prep Game Room & Gym Video
Club Prep Grand Canyon Video
Club Prep Heist Video
Club Prep Talent Show Video
Club Prep Zipline and Blob Video
Club Prep Overall Highlights Video
Club Prep Photo Gallery