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Class of 2013

Class of 2013

North Pointe's Class of 2013 received their diplomas in a celebration that included images highlighting their four years as well as photos and videos from the Senior's participation in this year's athletics, arts and activities. The event began with member of the Prep's Pom Team dancing to Chris Hief and Cristy Villalobos' presentation of "The Way We Were' while images from the graduates Freshmen-Junior years were displayed on huge screens. Following the opening act, Zach Calerdone joined Hief on stage for a hilarious monologue that transitioned into performances by the Janitors from a A Christmas Carol and the Prep's Dance Crew while images are shown featuring the Class of 2013's participation in this year's athletics, arts and activities. The celebration also featured a moving performance of the song Home that included solo's from alumni Darian Caulkins (2012) and Jessica Turner (2008) while images of previous graduates were shown.


Opening - The First Three Years
Chris Heif and Zach Calderone
Senior Snapshots: Arts
Senior Snapshots: Athletics
Senior Snapshots: Activities
Alumni Flashbacks
Presentation of Graduates

Celebration Photo Gallery


Group 1               Group 8
Group 2               Group 9
Group 3              Group 10
Group 4              Group 11
Group 5              Group 12
Group 6              Group 13
Group 7                               

Diplomas Photo Gallery

Class of 2013 List of Graduates

Allen, Brooke
Anderson, Dustin
Anderson, Megan
Arana, Edith
Armas, Matthew
Arredondo, Monica
Battig, Elizabeth
Beimers, Joshua
Bragg, Chance
Brubaker, Katherine
Buckley, Richard
Bueno, Fernanda
Bush, Cody
Cacy, John
Calderone, Zachary
Carreon, Alysia
Congdon, London
Conroy, Danae
Cumbie, Destiny
Dean, Jordan
Di Fondi, Samantha
Dougherty, Drake
Dozal, Ricardo
Eckert, Nathaniel
Ellis, Daniel
Escobar, Kelsey
Fisher, Kelsey
Flores, Abriana
Friday, Alec
Gage, Bruce
Gallagher, Colline
Gamblin, Desire
Garcia-Alfaro, Lisette

Gibbs, Alicen
Gibson, Jessica
Gleason, Randee
Golden, Dacoda
Gomez, Chelsea
Gordon, Mackenzie
Greenberg, Kierstyn
Guerrero, Brandon
Gutridge, Racheal
Haggerty, Gavin
Harriman, Robert
Hayes, Tyler
Helmintaler, Chelsea
Hernandez, Yazmeen
Hief, Christopher
Hixon, Jacob
Hopper, Ashlyn
Howard, Jacob
Hulbert, Emily
Hussein, Huda
Johnson, Dakota
Kobyluck, Jonathon
Komos, Clayton
Kurth, Shawni
Larson, Raven
Ledsome, Kaylee
Lennon, Alec
Martin, Emily
Martin, George
Martinez, Jonathan
McCormick, Zachary
McCusker, Garrett
McHone, Briana

McKinney, Brandon
Mena, Samuel
Molina, Dahlia
Moore, Cassandra
Mullins, Kylie
Nichols, Mikayla
Olivas, Elizabeth
Palma, Isaac
Parker, Emily
Peaches, Elisha
Pestka, Kirsten
Rodriguez, Daniel
Rom, Andrew
Sayegh, Fadi
Shiroma, Jordan
Smith, Jeremy
Somdahl, Talon
Soule-Arvizu, Gabrielle
Stevens, Dax
Sturgiss, Jesse
Sulista, Katelyn
Sunderland, Hannah
Tallo, Amanda
Tate, Holly
Tjahjo, Rachael
Trujillo, Anthony
Turner, Heather
Van Aller, Brianna
Villalobos, Cristy
Warwick, Strait
West, Arjahney
Western, Dallen
Wolfley, Joseph
Wolfley, Sharon


Seniors kicked off the year in Sedona where they took the official class photo as well as spent some time at Slide Rock.

Senior Picture Day Pink Jeep Tour Video
Senior Picture Day Slide Rock Jumping Video
Senior Picture Day Slide Rock Sliding Video
Senior Picture Day Photo Gallery


Seniors traveled to the Los Angeles area for a boat ride to Catalina Island and rides at Knott's Berry Farm and Universal Studios.

Thirty8Forty Universal Studios Video
Thirty8Forty Catalina Island Video
Thirty8Forty Gangnam Style Video
Thirty8Forty Pirate's Dinner Adventure Video
Thirty8Forty Knott's Berry Farm Video
Thirty8Forty Photo Gallery


Seniors traveled to the San Diego area for swimming, kayaking, surfing and shopping at Pacific Beach and attractions at Sea World and the San Diego Zoo.

*Video and Photo links will be posted shortly*