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Class of 2014

Class of 2014

North Pointe's Class of 2014 received their diplomas in a celebration that was hosted by preptv's Jennifer Hershberger and featured a choral tribute to the 51 graduates who survived the turbulent Jr. High years. This year's format was similar to preptv's morning show and including segments focused on the Class of 2014's experience and accomplishments. The evening began with the entire Senior class singing their version of Frozen's 'Love is an Open Door' while images of their Jr. High years were shown. The modified lyrics celebrated the original 51 graduates (out of 130) who lead the transformation from the worst to best. As Hershberger took the stage to welcome the crowd of over 2500, a video of her morning show bloopers and behind the scene comments was presented. Other segments featured the High School Choir singing Breaking Free to images of 9th-11th grades, interview segments that highlighted Seniors who participated this year in each of the 4A's, and videos of each graduate as they received their diplomas.


Senior Choir
Opening Segment
Younger Years Segment
Before and After Segment
Interview Segment: Academic
Interview Segment: Athletics
Interview Segment: Arts
Interview Segment: Senior Trips
Interview Segment: Leadership
Closing Segment
Before Interviews
During Interviews
After Interviews

Celebration Photo Gallery



Group 1               Group 8
Group 2               Group 9
Group 3              Group 10
Group 4              Group 11
Group 5              Group 12
Group 6              Group 13
Group 7              Group 14

Diplomas Photo Gallery


Class of 2014 List of Graduates

AlKhalidi, Ziad A.
Almaraz, Lauren N.
Althouse, Isaiah R.
Althouse, Jordan E.
Almaier, Sarah L.
Arangure, Ruben E.
Banks, Symone W.
Barber, Emily M.
Becerra, Crystal S.
Bigar, Samuel E.
Boucher, Gareth J.
Braaten-Schuettpelz, Paige
Brannon, Raymond S.
Briggs, Philip R.
Brubaker, Benjamin G.
Butler, Savannah J.
Cameron, Taley L.
Canavan, Mia N.
Cavazos, Lindsay L.
Chairez, Benjamin M.
Churchill, Katie
Clarke, James R.
Cruz, Julio C.
De La Rosa, Daniel L.
Dellinger, Natalya J.
Deng, Junxiang
Dessenberger, Rachel D.
DeStefano, Samuel F.
Do, Hoa T.
Eskeets, Isaac D.
Faline, Mary R.
Foster, Mikah L.
Franklin, Torri L.
Garcia, Ariel M.

Garcia, Nikki Jie
Gillespie, Amanda N.
Harris, Andrez
Helfrich, Emma
Hershberger, Jennifer C.
Hobaica, Phebe A.
Istel, Lawson
James, Ashley
Kline, Justin
Koontz, Jaccob
LaMountain, Ashleigh K.
Lee, Cody
Lewis, Audrey W.
Livingston, Amberly A.
Long, Hindes
Longo, Mitchell G.
Losacker, Caleb E.
Maercklein, Bailee
Maldonado, Antonio E.
Marsh, Nicole
McConnell, Ariel
McLane, Taylor
Mendelsohn, Sarah M.
Mikhail, Amanda G.
Miles, Lucas R.
Morris, Bryce H.
Nanneman, Michael D.
Nottingham, Madison M.
Pacitti, John
Partiu, Daiana B.
Peterson, Hayden A.
Pinches, Cameron W.
Potter, Erik T.
Rausch, Nicholas


Rodriguez, Selena
Rowe, R. Manny
Rudick, Alisha N.
Saeger, Skylar
Saracino, Elise S.
Sartor, Brittanie N.
Schad, LaTricia
Schaffer, Sarah E.
Schupp, Lyndsay N.
Sheets, Josie R.
Shiffer, Jourdan K.
Smith, Bethany J.
Smith, Cole T.
Smith, Noah J.
Soto, Edward M.
Stephens, Jennifer R.
Stine, Bryant
Stoff-Jones, Alexis S.
Street, Sharmarie
Taber, Ashley E.
Taylor, Justin E.
Thompson, Kevin P.
Tompkins, Terrence
Tran, Tuyen T.
Usturoi Jr. Adrian
Villareal, Anthony C.
Wallace, Alexandrina
Watts, Jesse
Wellendorf II, Curtis J.
Williams, Kayla J.
Wright, Luke A.
Yanda, Taylor


Seniors kicked off the year in Sedona where they took the official class photo as well as spent some time at Slide Rock.

Senior Picture Day Video
Senior Picture Day Photo Gallery


Seniors traveled to the Los Angeles area for a boat ride to Catalina Island and rides at Knott's Berry Farm and Universal Studios.

Thirty8Forty Universal Studios Video
Thirty8Forty Huntington Beach Video
Thirty8Forty Catalina Island Video
Thirty8Forty Pirates Dinner Theater Video
Thirty8Forty Knott's Berry Farm Video


Seniors traveled to the San Diego area for swimming, kayaking, surfing and shopping at Pacific Beach and attractions at Sea World and the San Diego Zoo.

Club Prep Video
Club Prep Photo Gallery