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Class of 2015

Class of 2015

The Class of 2015 was celebrated during the school's graduation Wednesday, May 27th, 7 pm, at the Glendale Renaissance Hotel. The event featured videos and slides highlighting the school year as well as individual graduate videos.


Graduation Introduction Video
The Class of 2015 Defines North Pointe
Graduation Senior Medley
Graduation #yeahwedid (unedited)

#yeahwedid K-12
#yeahwedid Robotics
#yeahwedid Varsity Girls Basketball
#yeahwedid Varsity Soccer
#yeahwedid Competition Pom and Cheer
#yeahwedid A Bootyfull Christmas
#yeahwedid Speech & Debate
#yeahwedid Competition Percussion
#yeahwedid Class Competition
#yeahwedid Prep Cares
#yeahwedid Senior Snapshots

preptv Ceremony photos



Graduation Group 1
Graduation Group 2
Graduation Group 3
Graduation Group 4
Graduation Group 5
Graduation Group 6
Graduation Group 7
Graduation Group 8
Graduation Group 9
Graduation Group 10
Graduation Group 11
Graduation Group 12
Graduation Group 13
Graduation Group 14
Graduation Group 15
Graduation Group 16

preptv Diploma photos


Class of 2015 List of Graduates

Aguirre, Adrean
Al-Shiteawi, Maryann
Allenberg, Amanda
Alloway, Brayden
Amos, Damian
Anderson, Trinity
Armstrong, Austin
Aymami, Caitlyn
Barney, Tiffani
Barragan, Ashley
Barragan, Brittney
Barrios, Gilberto
Bennett, Logan
Bernstein, Holly
Black, Lillian
Bradshaw, Breanna
Brix, Alexander
Brown, Ashley
Buckley, Daniel
Burgmeier, Samantha
Casselman, Rhiannon
Childers, Roy
Collins, Neil
Corcoran, Ian
Croteau, Chase
Cumbie, Hayleigh
Devenport, Mia Lee
Do, Chau
Dobrev, Valentin
Duncan, Kyle
Duric, Ajla
Dyer, Marissa
Eckert, Aaron
Eckert, Sawyer
Endicott, Dustin
Escamilla, Shadey
Esquivel, Christina
Fair, Christopher
Figueroa, Athena
Fleming, Tiana

Flores, Andre
Flores, Noah
Gallegos, Jovanni
Garduno, Xavier
Garner, Devon
Gibbs, Phillip
Gibson, Michael
Gleason, Thomas
Guerrero, Kelly
Hankins, Ryan
Harris, Alexus
Heller, William
Hershberger, Michael
Hugo, Zachary
Hussein, Ali
Ingermann, Dustin
Jeffries, Brandon
Jones, Devan
Jones, Samantha
Juarez, Esteban
Le, Quynh
Legendre, Chrycia
Lindahl, Valerie
Lozano-Hernandez, Alan
Luckenbill, Nicholas
Madueno, Cussaundra
Maldonado, Michael
Markus, Damarys
Markus, Jassmyn
Martin, Aubrey
Martinez Romo, Pablo
McClory, Brittany
McCay, Maevis
Medlock, Alexandrea
Miller, Lauren
Morales, Priscilla
Moreno, Melissa
Moser, Dustin
Munoz, Angel
Murillo, Tommy

Mustafic, Ahmed
Nelson, Destinee
O’Dell, Ariel
Padilla, Karen
Pambuan, Justin
Pedroza, Juan Pablo
Pellish, Emma
Pena-Rivas, Carissa
Popoca-Calderon, Jorge
Poujlivaia, Ksenia
Quick, Breanna
Rabayda, Grace
Ramirez, Madeline
Rex, Alyssa
Robles, Jacob
Rodriguez, David
Root, Amber
Ruiz-Hernandez, Alberto
Salgado, David
Salinas, Sebastian
Sayegh, Hala
Sayegh, Shadi Munir
Schoffstall, Charleigh
Schulte, Taylor
Segovia, Sadie
Servant Aldana, Maria
Sopt, Alina
Tauscher, Troy
Tellez, Zachary
Tenic, Enis
Tills, Isaac
Traslavina, Joe
Tsang, Denver
Tsang, Evan
Wade, Isabella
Wilson, Alexandrea
Wilson, Megan
Wozniak, Logan
Yusuf, Abdullah


Seniors will kick off the year at Camp in Prescott, Arizona. In addition to having the official class picture taken, the two-day trip includes ropes courses, horse back riding, archery, fishing and canoeing as well as a ride on the Pink Jeep Tours in Sedona, AZ. The trip took an unexpected turn as one of the seniors was injured and medivaced to a local hospital.

Senior Camp Events Video
Senior Camp Jeep Tour Video
Senior Camp Rescue Video
Senior Camp morning show Highlights
Senior Camp Photo Gallery


Seniors traveled to the Los Angeles area for a boat ride to Catalina Island and rides at Knott's Berry Farm and Universal Studios.

Thirty8Forty Universal Studios Video
Thirty8Forty Catalina Island Video
Thirty8Forty Pirates Dinner Adventure Video
Thirty8Forty Knott's Berry Farm Video
Thirty8Forty Photo Gallery


Seniors traveled to the San Diego area for swimming, kayaking, surfing and shopping at Pacific Beach and attractions at Sea World and the San Diego Zoo.

Club Prep Trip Video
Club Prep Photo Gallery