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office: 623.209.0017
attendance: 623.209.0094
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fax: 623.209.0021

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During the school year, faculty and staff will respond to an email by the end of the next school day unless the individual is absent or the school is on break. Prior to contacting administration regarding a question or concern, parents must first contact the teacher/coach/group leader. In the unfortunate event that a concern can not be resolved to the parent's satisfaction the Principal's decision is final.


Suzanne Smailagic - Principal
Nancy Mendoza - Registrar
Monica Carmona - Receptionist


Terri DiNello - Academic Advisor
Corey Gow - Director of Extracurriculars
Jessica Rogo - Director of Sports Medicine
Veronica Marr - Receptionist


Ginger Dean - 7th Grade English
Barbara Aufderheide - 8th Grade English
Brenda Virden - Freshmen Lit Comp I
Tawnie Weaver - Sophomore Lit Comp II
LeAnn Richards - Junior Lit Comp III
James Clark - Senior Lit Comp IV


Samantha Rivera - 7th Grade Math
Savon Heung - 8th Grade Math
Leslie Curfew - Algebra I, Geometry
Alana Wolfer - Algebra II, Geometry
Steven Norton - Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Statistics, Calculus AB


Dina Hernandez - 7th Grade Science
Jasmine Moertle - 8th Grade Science
Josh Harrison - Freshmen Science
Alexis Varner - Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry/Physics
Zabrina Noffz - Chemistry/Physics and Physics


Bridgette Drye - 7th Grade American/Arizona History
Jordan Scott - 8th Grade American/Arizona Government
Ryan Lalonde - Freshmen Geography
Patrick Kelly-Hernandez - Sophomore World History
Kevin Smith - Junior US History
Nikki Barnes - Senior US Government/Politics


Danny Norris  - Fitness & Weightlifting
Chareka Daniel - Dance
Megan Gardner - Theatre
James Onstott - Band, Percussion
Shaylin Lorenz - Choir, Piano/Guitar
Reyann Vialpando - Freshmen Spanish I
Carolina Correa - Sophomore-Senior Spanish II, Spanish III, Spanish IV


Nicole Goslin - Individualized Education Instructor

504 Plan Coordinator

Tanya Brodd

Title IX Coordinator

Dr. Jody johnson