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International Language Electives Classes

High School International Language Elective Curriculum

Spanish I        
Qualifying students will be enrolled in high school Spanish. They will be introduced to the elementary principles of expression and culture. Upon completion the student will be able to identify and navigate basic linguistic distinctions, identify significant cultural differences, expound on cultural contributions of the Spanish peoples and produce basic, authentic products in Spanish.  
Grade: 9-11          Length: 2 Semesters           Prerequisite: None

Spanish II
This course continues to immerse the student in the Spanish language. Students focus on listening comprehension, speaking, and writing. Students will also investigate various cultural aspects of one or more Spanish speaking countries including art, food, architecture, and local customs/mores.  
Grade: 9-12          Length: 2 Semesters          Prerequisite: Spanish I

Spanish III (H)        
Spanish III is an advanced course of study with heavy emphasis on grammatical structures in writing and speaking. Common indicative and subjective verb forms are addressed. Students read and study literature and non fiction pieces as part of the immersion process.  
Grade: 10-12          Length: 2 Semesters           Prerequisite: Spanish II

Spanish IV (AP)        
Spanish IV is a literary study.  Students read, analyze, discuss, and write on selected pieces of literature.  There is an emphasis on higher order skills of synthesis, analysis, and evaluation.  There is an intense study of advanced grammatical structure and vocabulary in preparation for AP and/or CLEP testing.    
Grade: 11-12           Length: 2 Semesters          Prerequisite: Spanish III