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Social Studies Classes

High School Social Studies Core and Elective Curriculum

Geography and Geography (AP)
The study of geography encompasses people, plants, animals, cultures, resources, and industry around the world.  The course focuses on people and their customs as geography will be covered: location, place, region, movement, and the human-environment interaction.  The course will enable students to make connections between what was, what is, and what may be in relation to the physical Earth and the people that inhabit it. May be taken as an elective by Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors.
Grade: 9         Length: 2 Semesters          Prerequisite: None

World History and World History (AP)        
Major events from the age of Enlightenment to the Modern age are emphasized in this class. Students analyze locations, regions and spatial connections recognizing the natural world and cultural process that impacts the way in which societies live and interact with each other and their environment.  
Grade: 10          Length: 2 Semesters          Prerequisite: None

United States History and United States History (AP)        
Major events from the industrial revolution through current issues are the emphasis of this class. Students analyze the development of the American West, with emphasis on Arizona. Students study several historical documents. An analysis of the geography of the United Stated is integrated into the course curriculum.
Grade: 11          Length: 2 Semesters          Prerequisite: None

American Government         
This course provides students with an understanding of the ideals, rights and responsibilities of citizenship and the content, sources and history of the founding documents of the United States with particular emphasis on the Constitution and how
the government functions at the local, state, national and international levels. The structure, powers and roles of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches will also be analyzed.
Grade: 12          Length: 1 Semester          Prerequisite: None

This course examines the American economic system including micro-economic and macro-economic issues. Students participate in a semester long project investing in a virtual stock market.
Grade: 12          Length: 1 Semester          Prerequisite:  None

United States Government and Politics (AP)       
This course explores the political theory and everyday practice that direct the daily operation of our government and shape our public policies. The purpose of this course is to prepare students to take the AP exam for U.S. and Politics as well as gain a better understanding of how are government works at both the federal and local levels. This course is taught on a college level and requires a substantial commitment and effort both inside and outside of the classroom.   Students will develop a critical
understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the American political system, as well as their rights and responsibilities as citizens.
Grade: 12          Length: 2 Semesters          Prerequisite: None

Academic Decathlon (H)        
Academic Decathlon is a team competition wherein students match their intellects with students from other schools.  The abbreviated class ACADECA is a humanities course in which the Academic Decathlon curriculum and standards are studied in part for the regional competition in February of 2010.  However, there will be students in the class who will not necessarily be on the team and yet participating in the course in an equal manner to the team members.  There are ten categories of study each of which will be focused upon at varying points during the year. These subjects are as follows:  Art, Economics, Essay, Interview, Language and Literature, Mathematics, Music, Science, Social Science, and Speech.  The theme for 2009-2010 is The French Revolution.
Grade: 9-12 (Elective)          Length: 2 Semesters          Prerequisite: None

Contemporary Global Issues

Students will analyze various world cultures looking at sustainability, food shortages, water quality, over population and poverty while having the opportunity to partner with non-profit agencies and become a part of the solutions.
Grade: 9-12 (Elective)          Length: 1 Semester          Prerequisite:  None

Film Studies

Students will gain an understanding of the different genres of film through viewing, discussing, and analyzing them.  They will also be able to distinguish different cultural aspects, past and present, which are portrayed through film medium. Grade: 9-12
(Elective)          Length: 1 Semester          Prerequisite:  None


This class is designed to give students the opportunity to study the social structure of society. Sociology is a branch of learning that deals with human society.  In this class, students will take a look at what sociology is, why it is a benefit to society, look at
sociological theories, and explain how social behavior affects individual behavior.  The focus of the class is not on the individual, but entire groups of people.
Grades: 9-12 (Elective)        Length: 1 semester          Prerequisite:  None