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HS Station - Steps



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Every Step you take creates a moment in your life and the lives of others. 

Recommit - 1.30.19

Caleb Spacht concludes the Station series Steps and inspires students to recommit to establishing goals that will help them fulfill their dreams.
Annette Lobos and her Tio Juan Aguilera sing The Prayer at the 1.30.19 Station.
Members from Stand Band open the 1.30.19 Station with an amazing routine.
Adalila Machic-Huitzil and Julian Alejandre present a Spoken Word about goals and dreams.

Redirect - 1.23.19

Caleb Spacht continues the Station series Steps and inspires students to redirect their steps instead of following distractions.
Members of Varsity Boys Basketball open the 1.23.19 Station with their Toxic routine.

Recalibrate - 1.16.19

Caleb Spacht begins a new Station series, Steps, and inspires students to recalibrate not retreat.

Members from the preptv crew open the 1.16.19 Station with a Steps routine.
Senior Adalila Machic-Huitzil presents a spoken word at the 1.16.19 Station.