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JH English Classes

Jr. High English Core and Elective Curriculum

Literature and Composition 7 and Literature and Composition 7 (H)
Emphasizing vocabulary, parts of speech and essay structure, this class is designed to build the foundation required to create strong writers. Literary works of fiction, nonfiction and drama (e.g. Poe, Stevenson, Orne Jewett, Frank, Hansberry) and poetry (e.g. Frost, Hughes) are read and analyzed.
Grade:  7          Length:  Year          Prerequisite:  None

Literature and Composition 8 and Literature and Composition 8 (H)
This class builds on Grammar & Composition 7 further emphasizing the elements of writing to reinforce strong writing skills in both expository and creative writing. Sandburg, Shelley and Browning (Poetry) and Hemingway, O’Henry, Orwell, Poe and Crane (Literature) are representative authors of this class which builds on English 7’s foundation of literary analysis and critical thinking skills.
Grade:  8          Length:  Year          Prerequisite:  English 7

Beginning Speech
The goal of speech class is to help students gain the self-confidence and skills necessary for oral presentations in Junior High and beyond. Students will learn the differences between intrapersonal and interpersonal communication and use this knowledge to write and deliver a variety of speeches, thus developing the other skills required for successful communication: organization of materials, audience contact and engagement; voice control and expression, gestures, and the use of visuals/props.
Grade: 7-8 (Elective)          Length: 1 Semester          Prerequisite: None

Classic Graphic Novels
Classic Graphic Novels explores literature as presented in the “graphic novel” (comic-like) format. Students will read (as a class, in small groups, and individually) from a variety of graphic novels: familiar classics, such as Macbeth and Frankenstein, as well as newer graphic novels becoming classics in their own time, such as Jeff Smith’s Bone series. Students will also have the opportunity to create characters, story lines, and panels/strips of their own.
Grade: 7-8 (Elective)          Length: 1 Semester          Prerequisite: None