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JH Station - Say More



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In a culture of noise it's easy to just be silent but the intensity of our times require us to SAY more.
Speak Up
Allow Opinions
Yield Responses

Week 1 - Speak up - 9.6.17

Ashely Burgmeier leads the Station Game, Story Time.
At a wedding ceremony, various family members and friends speak out about the pending marriage.
Caleb Spacht begins the SAY More series by inspiring students to Speak up and not be silent.

Week 2 - allow opinions - 9.13.17

Belen Markus presents, This is America in 2017.
Caleb Spacht inspires students to respect others and their opinions.

Week 3 - yield responses - 9.20.17

Ashley Burgmeier leads the Station Game, Hopscotch.
Melanie Llagas, Kaitlyn Kief, Julian Alejandre, and Maya Ferrara sing Mandisa's Bleed the Same.
Caleb Spacht concludes the SAY More series by inspiring students to Yield Responses.