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preptv is North Pointe's communication platform and is designed to promote campus life and communicate student achievement in academics, athletics and the arts. In addition to posting thousands of videos each school year, preptv broadcasts a 8:02 Live show each school day. The complete show is also available via live stream and is posted into segments on the home page. 

The slogan 'onair, online, onyou' crystalizes what preptv is. preptv broadcasts shows throughout the campus and post recaps, photos and videos online. And, all of it is about you, the students of North Pointe

8:02 Live Show

North Pointe's on campus TV Station, preptv, broadcasts the 8:02 Live show each school day. The complete show is also available via live stream and is posted in segments on the home page.
8:02 Live Page

The 58th Presidential Inauguration

North Pointe continued its political coverage with preptv's coverage of the 58th Presidential Inauguration and Parade.
58th Presidential Inauguration and Parade Highlights
preptv's 58th Presidential Inauguration Trip Photo Gallery
Guest Interview segment featuring highlights of Congressional interviews
In Your face from DC on Presidential Trivia
Senator Jeff Flake full interview
Representative David Scheikert full interview
Representative Trent Franks full interview
Representative Tom O'Halleran full interview
Guest Interview segment from TC Williams High School
Guest Interview segment with Phoenix Mayor Stanton and people visiting the White House
Mayor Stanton full interview
Previous Election Segments
Guest Interview segment with Arizona State Representative Paul Boyer
Guest Interview segment Tour of the Arizona State Capitol
In Your Face - Hollywood
In Your Face - Hillary Clinton Rally
In Your Face - Donald Trump Rally

In Your Face

preptv's popular 8:02 Live segment, In Your Face, captures people's thoughts.
In Your Face - Washington D.C. - Presidential Trivia
In Your Face - Glendale Glitter and Glow Festival
In Your Face - Hollywood - Electoral College
In Your Face - Hillary Clinton Rally
In Your Face - Chicago - World Series Preview
In Your Face - Fear Farm
In Your Face - Donald Trump Rally
In Your Face - Arizona State Fair
In Your Face - Arizona Cardinals Home Opener
Additional In Your Face episodes


Jun 26, 2005 - Domain name is created and the website hosted by yahoo is launched
Sep 20, 2006 - Site breaks weekly 5,000 hit mark - Old School Spirit Week coverage (7,963)
Aug 18, 2007 - Site breaks the weekly 10,000 hit mark - Back to School Bash/HS Play coverage (10,032)
Sep 29, 2007 - Site breaks weekly 25,000 hit mark - Old School Spirit Week coverage (20,324)
Apr 2008 - Site breaks daily (7,904 - 4/23) weekly (25,718 - 4/20-26) and monthly (64,859) records
Sep 2008 - Site breaks daily (11,670 - 9/17), weekly (40,525) and monthly (112,197) records
Jun 26, 2010 - Fifth Anniversary
Jan 2011 - Site receives its 1,000,000th hit
Sep 2013 - Site breaks daily (17,918 - 9/19), weekly (43,326 - 9/15-21) records - National 'WFT' coverage
Jul 12, 2014 - Launch of Vimeo for preptv videos
Dec 16, 2014 - Launch of new website hosted by squarespace including new photo gallery application
Aug 1, 2015 - preptv broadcasts HD on campus
Aug 22, 2015 - Vimeo record of 2088 single day video plays
Sep 2015 - Vimeo record of 9,939 monthly plays - BFD reveal

Nov 16, 2015 - Vimeo record 3,814 weekly video plays (11/16-22)
Dec 16, 2015 - preptv's broadcast first live morning show from new studio