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State Report Card


Although North Pointe consistently receives national recognition for its academic programs, the Department of Education continues to rate the Prep as a 'B' school primarily because the State believes that a student's progress is just as important as his/her's competency (even if that progress still leaves them below competency levels) and the State is comfortable raking a school based on testing in only two subjects which involves only Sophomores and less than 10% of the North Pointe faculty.

Conversely, national rankings ignore the State's growth fixation and evaluate schools based upon what students know compared to what they should know. Additionally, national rankings reflect Advanced Placement testing (which is available to all grades in all core subjects and the arts) as well as the Sophomore AIMS scores in English and Mathematics subjects.

"Every so often I will observe the morning drop off and wonder what parents are thinking as their child exits the vehicle," reflected Principal Richard Gow. "Are they thinking solely about the State's very limited school ranking label or are there additional priorities that fill their thoughts as they entrust their child to us each day. My guess is, North Pointe's parents are a little more complex in their thinking than what the State's label offers. It is very possible, they are thinking..."

  • North Pointe is one of only seven public high schools in the State of Arizona that has been certified as a College Prep school.
  • North Pointe's AIMS and Advanced Placement (AP) scores exceed State and National averages.
  • North Pointe's drop-out rate is exceptional - students graduate.
  • North Pointe does not tolerate classroom disruptions - disruptions are eliminated.
  • North Pointe does not tolerate bullying - students who intimidate or harass others are long-term suspended for up to a year.
  • North Pointe offers big school opportunities on a small school campus - athletic teams compete against neighborhood district schools, arts performers routinely win State Championships, and the Prep activities are not matched by anyone.
  • North Pointe believes that character development is just as important as academic development - this core belief is stated in our mission and woven through all aspects of our curriculum and campus life. We are a Culture with a Compass.
  • North Pointe's community outreach program Prep Cares continues to touch literally thousands of lives as our students serve others - last year, over 80% of our high school students participated in at least one project where they spent the day serving others.
  • North Pointe hires faculty and staff who want to spend their day with teenagers, who understand it is their responsibility to engage students, and who have the ability to cause students to learn.