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office: 623.209.0017
attendance: 623.209.0094
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fax: 623.209.0021

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Our administrators, teachers, and staff are enjoying their summer break so not everyone is checking them regularly this summer. Please stop by the office if you need assistance, utilize the inform us link above, or email Dr. Williamson directly.

Pointe Schools Summer Office Hours

North Pointe Prep - Monday-Thursday, 9am-12pm

Canyon Pointe Academy - Tuesday and Thursday, 9am-12pm

Pinnacle Pointe Academy - Monday and Wednesday, 9am-12pm


Our school offices will return to regular hours/days on Monday, July 22, 2019.



Contacting School Personnel

North Pointe's administration, faculty, staff and extracurricular coaches/group leaders usually communicate information to students directly, not through parents. Therefore, North Pointe prefers students demonstrate responsibility and communicate their questions/concerns directly to administration, faculty, staff, and extracurricular coaches/group leaders. If a situation requires parental involvement, school personnel can be contacted using email. Coaches/group leaders, who are not teachers of staff at North Pointe, will provide team/group members with contact information. North Pointe faculty and staff will respond to an email by the end of the next day (unless the person is absent or the school is on break).