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The Prep's Uniqueness


We are often asked to explain our success.

It's a success that includes a 646% increase in enrollment over the past twelve years; national recognition for our academic programs; athletic teams and Arts groups that have produced numerous State Champions.

How did we do it? Why are we thriving when so many are struggling? How do we maintain our success year after year? What is the secret to our success?

The answer should probably be very complex, but it actually isn't. Our success is the result of our culture.

Really? Culture? What's so unique about our culture?

It's a culture where our faculty and staff:

  • Enjoy spending their day with teenagers, causing students to feel valued.
  • Influence teenagers to change, causing students to be motivated.
  • Excel in their areas of responsibility, causing students to learn.

It's a culture where our students are:

  • Engaged - focused, competitive, expressive and connected.
  • Determined - taking risks and persevering through adversity.
  • Caring - sensitive to the needs of others and taking action to provide assistance.

It's a culture that purposefully seeks to assist parents in developing students who demonstrate scholastic and behavioral excellence and make a positive impact in their community. Culture that promises to provide students the opportunity to gain foundational knowledge, grow in character, and develop leadership skills. Culture that creates and sustains environments where students are trusted and encouraged to take risks and achieve their dreams in academics, athletics and the arts.

It's a culture where we openly acknowledge that our passion for excellence in athletics and the arts, along with our zeal in providing experiences where life-long relationships and memories can be created, is equal to our commitment to academic achievement. A culture that believes a student is only fully prepared for college after they have been involved in a broad range of rich school experiences, not just learned information communicated in a book.

It's a culture anchored in the core belief that a motivated student, who wants to be here, will learn!

Absolutely. It's all about our culture.