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You Can't Take It With You Performance

Happiness versus money; the life we'd like to live versus the life we have to live. It's an old problem, and one that faces all of us except the very rich, but not one that seems to bother Grandpa Vanderhof.  The patriarch of the zany in Vanderhof family has long since given up work in pursuit of happiness. His daughter Penelope has followed his lead, concentrating on her hobbies. Son-in-law Paul devotes all his time to making fireworks, and grown-up granddaughter Essie has been studying ballet for eight years with no discernible improvement. Even their friends and neighbors are eccentric.  Only young Alice, Vanderhof's granddaughter, is different. She goes out to work. That is probably just as well, as the family has no other visible means of support. She has a job on Wall Street where she has caught the eye of the boss's son, Tony Kirby. When the Kirbys turn up to dinner on the wrong night to meet the family, the culture clash between the let-it-all-hang-out Vanderhofs and the uptight Kirbys causes sparks to fly in more ways than one.