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North Pointe jumps to third best in PHOENIX 

For the fifth year in a row, North Pointe has been named as One of America's Best High Schools. The 2016 US News and World Report's rankings place North Pointe as third among all Phoenix public high schools and second among Phoenix public charter schools. The Prep, which was ranked seventh among all Phoenix public high schools last year, continues to be the top ranked school among all public high schools (district and charter) in the Northwest Valley (Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Surprise, Anthem).

CONGRATS TO the Class of 2016

The Class of 2016 was celebrated during North Pointe's graduation at the Glendale Renaissance Hotel. The event featured videos and slides highlighting the school year as will as individual graduate videos.

Senior AWards Night

North Pointe honored Senior accomplishments and awarded the prestigious Imprint Award. 

Imprint Award Interviews
Imprint Awards
Valedictorian Award
Principal's List Award
Praestantia Awards
Double Gold Cords
Single Gold Cords
Purple Cords
Black Cords
Brown Cords
Red Cords
Maroon Cords
Blue Cords
Photo Gallery

Falcon Players' Get Smart 

North Pointe's annual Spring Arts Festival concluded with the High School Falcon Player's production, Get Smart. Maxwell Smart (Noah Calderone), found himself in a bizarre case where the Chief (Bryan Aguilar Quintero) directs Smart and Agent 99 (Brianna Love) to stop Mr. Big (Justin Evans) and his sinister organization KAOS from their most shameful plot of blowing up the Statue of Liberty.

Spring Arts festival

North Pointe's annual Spring Arts Festival featured performances from the JH and HS Choirs, the  JH and HS Concert Band, the JH and HS Dance Classes and the HS play, Get Smart.

SENIORS Sweep all Four Class Competitions

The Juniors Ethan Shugart performed three amazing belly flops and easily won the 2016 Rock Lobster Belly Flop Competition. Unfortunately, the celebration was short-lived as the Seniors captured the overall championship and became the first class to ever win all the class competitions in the same year. The pre-show lived up to the hype as Dykstra defeated Team Kontak in the 'It's on' match.


Rock Lobster Day Five 2:22 Show
Belly Flop Champion Interview
Belly Flop Competition Round 3
Belly Flop Competition Round 2
Belly Flop Competition Round 1
Dykstra vs Team Kontak Interview
Belly Flop Competition Dykstra vs Team Kontak
Guest Interview with Ultimate Frisbee Champions
Talking About with preptv crew covering Rock Lobster Games
Rock Lobster Day Five Photo Gallery

Disney Arts TRip

Over 200 North Pointe students and teachers participated in the Disneyland Disney Arts Trip.
Monday's Morning Show       Tuesday's Morning Show     Wednesday's Morning Show       Disney Trip Photo Gallery  

percussion Competes in California

North Pointe's Competition Percussion Team competed at the WGI Western Championships. preptv went along to capture each performance, so make sure to check out the performance videos and interviews and photos from the trip.

You're a Good Man Charlie Brown

The JH Falcon Players presentation of You're A Good Man Charlie Brown entertained and amused audiences as Julian Alejandre shined as Charlie Brown and Kalysta Nash stared as Snoopy. 
You're a Good Man Charlie Brown video
You're a Good Man Charlie Brown photo gallery
JH Falcon Players Blog

North Pointe's Sixth Grade Camp

North Pointe's Sixth Grade Camp is held at Friendly Pines Camp in Prescott for students from Canyon Pointe and Pinnacle Pointe. North Pointe Seniors lead the camp and North Pointe Juniors are the cabin counselors. The camp features Stations, Activities, Cabin Challenges, Cabin Wars, and Campfires.
Sixth Grade Camp Homepage     North Pointe's Facebook page

Follow Athletic Teams and Arts Groups

Follow your favorite North Pointe Athletic Team or Arts Groups by checking out their blog posts. Coaches and Group Leaders comments are usually posted within a hour of the competition/performance. North Pointe also has blogs for Academics and the Campus Activities as well as as Principal's Blog.
North Pointe Blogs


Checkley and Maldonado Crowned Prom King and Queen

North Pointe's Junior/Senior Prom was at The Venue in Scottsdale. Seniors Halsten Checkley and Steffanie Maldonado were crowned King and Queen.
Prom Video     Prom Photo Gallery

Juniors win belly flop but seniors take the overall championship

The Juniors Ethan Shugart performed three amazing belly flops and easily won the 2016 Rock Lobster Belly Flop Competition. Unfortunately, the celebration was short-lived as the Seniors captured the overall championship and became the first class to ever win all the class competitions in the same year. The pre-show lived up to the hype as Dykstra defeated Team Kontak in the 'It's on' match.

Falcons take Second at State Overall

North Pointe's Competition Cheer, Partner Stunt and Pom teams competed at the AIA State Championships and won Second Place Overall. Competition Cheer placed second in their division, Partner Stunt placed fourth and Pom finished seventh. Check out the HS Competition Cheer blog and the HS Competition Pom blog for more information. Videos will be posted shortly.

Competition Cheer State Championships Video     Competition Partner Stunt State Championships Video     Competition Pom State Championship Video
Competition Cheer Routine Photo Gallery     Competition Pom Routine Photo Gallery     Partner Stunt Routine Photo Gallery


For the past 12 years preptv has been posting thousands of video and photos that capture the memories of North Pointe students and promote their accomplishments. 
preptv videos     preptv photos


The Class of 2015 shattered previous scholarships earnings by one million dollars earning over $2.9 million in scholarships. The $24,576 per Prep Senior average dwarfs the scholarship earnings of district school seniors where the average ranges from $3,500 to $6,000 per student. The previous high of $1.9 million was recorded by the Class of 2013. The Classes of 2014 and 2011 were awarded $1.8 million while the Class of 2012 received $1.5 million. 


For 10 weeks, Madison Prall, Becky Heller, Siera Logsdon, Janel Stephens, Kaylynn Wilcox, Tatiana Mason, Ashley Burgmeier, Bryce McGovern, Jacob Herrera, Kyra Hobaica, Mikayla Shepherd and Llan Quinonez choreographed and practiced a dance routine that would introduce the student body to North Pointe's 2015-2016 theme. Although she thought she was joining the group to dance, Itzia Crespo found out that she was actually going to sing Shawn Mendes' Something Big while the dancers performed behind her. Unfortunately, mid-way through the summer, Madison broke her arm and five days before the reveal a dancer dropped out. So, with a one-armed Madison and an energetic Yazmin Aguilar (who missed some classes and learned the routine in three days), the group, covered in BFD gear, performed to a roaring crowd.
2015-2016 Theme Reveal video     2015-2106 Theme Reveal photos     LINKED: The Making of the 2015-2016 Theme Reveal video     BFD Gear

Fall Arts festival

North Pointe's Fall Arts Festival saw record attendance as the Theatre and Nest were packed for each night's performance. Relive the memories or, if your weren't able to attend, enjoy the experience. 


For the first time in over two and a half years, preptv's morning show aired LIVE from Studio 4B in the 4A Center Plaza. The new preptv studio features a state of the art control room and a sound stage straight from late night TV. Former preptv morning show host and 2014 North Pointe graduate Jennifer Hershberger reveals the new studio and interviews the morning show director Sammi Sankovich and the artist who painted the stage backdrop before sitting down with preptv Guest Interview host Alondra Rodriguez, being the first guest in the new studio.
The LIVE show     The LIVE Show Photo Gallery


Everyone's favorite recess games were featured during the lunchtime Old School Spirit Week extravaganza which included crazy outfit contests as well as class challenges and competitions. High Schoolers also participated in the traditional homecoming festivities of the Powder Puff Tournament and the nominating of the Homecoming Court. The Homecoming King and Queen were crowned at the Homecoming Dance.

Homecoming Dance Highlights

Day Five 2:22 Show     Seniors win OSSW Overall Championship     Tour de Prep Competition     Guest Interview with Homecoming Court     Talking About 9.18.15     Day Five Photo Gallery

Day Four 2:22 Show     Day Four Highlights     Day Four In the Stands     Day Four Dodge Ball Competition     Day Four Blanket Race Challenge     Day Four 80's Outfit Contest     Talking About 9.17.15     Day Four Photo Gallery     JH OSSW Day Four Highlights

OSSW Powder Puff Seniors Celebration     Powder Puff Championship Game     Powder Puff Senior Cheerleaders     Powder Puff Games 1-3
Powder Puff Tournament Photo Gallery

Day Three 2:22 Show     Day Three Highlights     Day Three In the Stands     Day Three Tug-A-War Remix Competition     Day Three Falcon Kart Challenge     Day Three 70's Outfit Contest     Guest Interview with Day Three Outfit Contestants     Talking About 9.16.15     Day Three Photo Gallery     JH OSSW Day Three Highlights

Day Two 2:22 Show     Day Two Highlights     Day Two In the Stands     Day Two Flag Tag Competition     Day Two Hungry Hippo Challenge     Day Two 60's Outfit Contest     Guest Interview with Day Two Outfit Contestants     Talking About 9.15.15     Day Two Photo Gallery     JH OSSW Day Two Highlights     JH OSSW Dance Highlights

Day One 2:22 Show     Day One Highlights     Day One In the Stands     Day One Kick Ball Competition     Day One Tricycle Taxi Challenge     Day One 50's Outfit Contest     Guest Interview with Day One Outfit Contestants     Talking About 9.14.15     Day One Photo Gallery     JH OSSW Day One Highlights

Guest Interview with Class Banner Creators     Guest Interview with Guru Dykstra     Old School Spirit Week Festivities

2014-2015 YEAR IN REVIEW

The Competition Percussion team won the 2015 WGAZ Percussion State Championships.

Two-time State Champion Troy Tauscher won the Arizona District Championship in United States Extemporaneous Speaking and represented North Pointe this summer in Dallas at the National Speech & Debate Championships. The Speech & Debate Team won Six State Championships and Placed Third in Division II.    preptv video     preptv blog     preptv photos

For the second year in a row, North Pointe's Competition Pom team won the Arizona Interscholastic Association's Coed Division II State Championship. The Falcons also won the coveted Coed Division II Overall State Championship with strong performances by the Partner Stunt and Cheer teams.
preptv Pom routine video      preptv Celebration video      preptv Overall Award video      preptv Pom Awards video      preptv Cheer routine video     preptv Partner Stunt video     preptv Pom photos      preptv Cheer photos     preptv Partner Stunt photos

After an amazing regular season, which included winning the Southern Arizona VEX Robotics Championships, North Pointe's Robotics Team competed at the National Championships in Iowa in April.    preptv Champions video      preptv highlight video    preptv blog     preptv photos

The Class of 2015 won the Rock Lobster Belly Flop & Overall Championships. The Seniors won the Outfit Contests five days in a row as well as several competitions throughout the week. Check the Rock Lobster Spring Fling Home Page for complete coverage.

More than 400 students, teachers and staff participated in the Prep's Ice Bucket Challenge raising over $10,000.    preptv video    preptv blog    preptv photo


The Class of 2015 was celebrated during the school's graduation Wednesday, May 27th and feature videos and slides highlighting the #yeahwedid moments at North Pointe school year as well as individual graduate videos.
Graduation Diploma Photos     Graduation Ceremony Photos     Graduation Videos